TTE has an efficient and reliable maintenance team spread across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the rest of the Emirates. This team is entirely dedicated to carrying out emergency callbacks and periodic checks. At TTE, we believe that maintenance is a crucial factor to preserve and sustain the efficiency of any product or service. As a fact, elevators and escalators are required to be serviced regularly to help boost its durability and functionality, and as a result upkeep its safety standards. In this regard, TTE offers both comprehensive and non-comprehensive maintenance packages that its customers can choose from.

Our technical experts guarantee high-quality and best-in-class services. The team handling modernization follow a strict protocol wherein the first step involves an in-depth assessment of the existing unit, performing a complete check-up that includes functionality, safety, performance, accessibility, energy-efficiency and aesthetics. Post which, viable solutions are recommended. These range from merely replacing certain parts to completely retrofitting the lift.


Expert Condition Checks

Units are inspected to ensure they are performing at their optimum, are dust-free and continue to operate without any impairment. We also make sure no wear and tear, faults or malfunctions have taken place.


Regular lubrications are necessary to avoid wear and tear and eliminate any noise raised from metal movements, thus increasing product life. Our agents can schedule the most appropriate time intervals suited and ensure the up-keeping of elevators.

Inspection of Electromechanical Components

Catching on any faults at an early stage is essential for prolonged product life. During maintenance, we check all the electromechanical components, fix and service them.

Monitoring and Supply of Spare Parts

Our maintenance packages offer several options that cover maintenance of lift spare parts and components. If we notice any wear and tear, we supply replacements. We replace components, if required, on a periodic basis to ensure smooth functioning of the lifts.



Upgrading Components

Replacing components with an updated version could include making minor upgrades such as a new door, fixing the lights or replacing them altogether, or upgrading door operation signals. These upgradations aid in reducing any undesirable hiccups with the lift, improve its aesthetics and also signalization. We usually recommend these upgrades for lifts over 10 years of usage.

Modernization of Modules

Replacing modules that form a part of the lift. This includes modernization of the electrification system, doors and hoisting machinery, which help in reducing energy consumption as well as improves floor level related issues. This package is typically recommended for lifts over 15 to 20 years of service.

Complete Replacement

Replacing the old lift with a completely new one. The new elevator is installed in the existing shaft. This is recommended for lifts that have been used for over 25 years. This is an all-inclusive package that tackles issues such as functioning, aesthetics, energy consumption, safety and accessibility.


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