Engaging session on body image challenges at Breakfast Chats hosted by Muna Al Gurg

The latest edition of Breakfast Chats hosted by ESAG Vice-Chairperson, Muna Al Gurg, was attended by women employees who gathered in large numbers to listen to Florence Gillet, a certified Body Image coach. In her opening remarks, Muna Al Gurg, shared a recent experience of how the fear of ageing and importance of looking a certain way, dominates the thinking of some women.

During the session titled, ‘Leave behind superficial body goals,’ Florence spoke about how perceptions, thoughts, feelings and behaviours towards one’s body are the main factors affecting self-esteem and self-confidence. Studies indicate that up to 91% of women are dissatisfied with their body’s appearance.

Florence’s presentation also highlighted the red flags to watch out for in an eating disorder and why Body Mass Index (BMI) is not the perfect indicator of good health. The question-answer segment after the talk had several queries and points of view from the audience.