Industrial Lifts are a saving grace when it comes to ensure smooth and efficient operations, superior HSE performance and low maintenance costs. A helping hand in maneuvering heavy loads, lifting, rotating and transporting these from one place to another, our range of Industrial Lifting Solutions ensure the best customer experiences. Developed and designed by industry pioneers to withstand extreme conditions, our product range is a trusted choice within all industries.

TTE offers various elevator solutions for the growing Dubai, Abu Dhabi and rest of the Emirates’ industrial segments such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, production facilities and ports. The range covers the supply, installation and maintenance of goods and cargo elevators, single piston hydraulic industrial platform lifts, double piston hydraulic industrial platform lifts and scissor lifts. Customized lifts for various needs such as three (or even four) side door orientation, increased capacity, increased travel height with manual doors or automatic rolling shutters, suitable for the toughest environment can be provided.

Range of Industrial Lifting Solutions

Service Elevators for Goods

Properties with FUJIHD Service Elevators are served better when compared with other similar elevators. Recognizing the needs and problem areas of the industries that it caters to, from factories, warehouses, fire services, shopping centers, expo centers and other infra projects, where outstanding structure and high strength car design is superiorly applicable, FUJIHD is the favorable choice. Another stand-out feature of the brand is its adjustable door settings that help efficient loading and unloading of goods without interruptions. These sturdy elevators also features minor shock absorbing mechanism, double consolidated platform, rigid checkered flooring, collision bearing wall cushions, as well as bears heavy loads up to 12 Ton capacity.

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Lifting Platforms and Scissor Lifts

Considering the growing industrial segments in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the rest of the UAE, TTE offers a range of Industrial Goods Lifting Platform and Scissor Lifts that are compliant with European safety standards. Using space wisely, our engineers and designers develop versatile hydraulic lifting platforms that cater to a variety of building spaces, especially in terms of height. The series of platform lifts we offer, allows a space of up to 14 meters height with options of further customizations. Lifting platforms and Scissor Lifts can be installed either with car enclosures or without. They can be installed in connection with the building’s structure or with its own steel structure.

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Dumbwaiters help serve food and similar small-scale materials between floors in a confined space within villas, restaurants, industries, institutions and commercial centers. TTE, in partnership with BKG, Germany offers a selectable capacity of Dumbwaiters starting from 50 to 300 kgs, and a varying speed ranging from 0.1 to 0.45 m/s. Customers can choose to customize the lift to have access directly on floor level or a serving window level with vertical bi-parting doors, swing doors or rolling shutters. The height of the cabin and doors can be entirely customized depending on the needs and available space.

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